The OTP Book Tag

Hey everyone! Coming at you with an awesome tag that I found on Tasya’s blog The Literary Huntress (original tag video here).

It was really interesting to search through my impressive repertoire of couples and find my fav ships out of the bunch – I am a HARDCORE fangirl and so this tag took a lot of calming breaths and hand fanning to get through!

Anyway, on to the tag…


ONE: Pick an Unpopular OTP That You ship

rowaelin.jpgRowan + Aelin, Throne of Glass

Okay so the ships in Throne of Glass are controversial to say the least and although I hardcore loved Rowan and Aelin’s friendship in Heir of Fire, it was Queen of Shadows that sold me on their romance and now I just adore them in all their Fae glory.


TWO: Pick an OTP that you didn’t ship at first but now Do


Ronan + Adam, The Raven Cycle 

These two. THESE. TWO. I have yet to read The Raven King but I 100% know that I am going to die. I didn’t ship these two at first because they weren’t really apparent in the first two books but once they became a thing, I became obsessed.


THREE: Pick Your Most Hated OTP

This was a tough one and I don’t think I actually have an OTP from a book that I hate – special shoutout to Spencer and Caleb from Pretty Little Liars though… 

FOUR: Pick an OTP That Took WAY Too Long to Get Together

lamen2.jpgDamen + Laurent, The Captive Prince Trilogy

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED every second of their relationship journey and I think the angst between these two were part of the reason that this trilogy was so good but come on, they only got together half way through the third book and slight impatience was experienced.


FIVE: Pick your favourite Non-Canon OTP

dramione.jpgDraco + Hermione, Harry Potter

These two are literally so perfect together and anyone that says otherwise can FIGHT ME. Draco complements Hermione so well, they match up intellectually, they save each other and I just LOVE THEM TO BITS OKAY?


SIX: Pick Your Favourite BROTP

Emma + Cristina, The Dark Artificesemmacristina2.jpg

There aren’t NEARLY enough female besties in YA literature so when I read about Emma and Cristina I was thrilled because they are literally PERFECT. Their relationship is full of sass, respect and complete love and it is just so great to read about.



Will + Jem, The Infernal Devices

So sneaky confession: I think I may have enjoyed reading about Will and Jem more than I liked reading about either of them with Tessa (not that I don’t love Tessa but Will and Jem’s relationship is on a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL)!


SEVEN: Pick an OTP You Adored in the Books But Not as Much in the Movie or TV Adaptation

Percy + Annabeth, Percy Jackson & The Olympianspercabeth.jpg

I actually didn’t mind these two in the movies but I definitely adored them much more in the books, probably because we just got to see a lot more of them. I love both Percy and Annabeth as characters themselves and they are absolutely perfect together!



EIGHT: Pick a Popular OTP That No Matter How Hard You Tried You Just Can’t Ship It

Untitled-3.jpgRon + Hermione, Harry Potter

I couldn’t get into these two for many of the same reasons that I love Draco and Hermione so much – it’s my personal opinion that Ron and Hermione wouldn’t be too great for each other (intellectually, emotionally – the list goes on) and Ron would probably end up taking Hermione for granted half the time *shrugs*


 NINE: Pick Your Favourite LGBT+ OTP 

Magnus + Alexander, The Mortal Instrumentsmalec.jpg

MY BABIES ❤ Can’t have an OTP tag without including these two because they may be my fav couple of all time. We truly have been blessed with Shadowhunters because they have dealt with Malec so well and provided me with SO MANY opportunities to fangirl.



TEN: Pick Your All Time Favourite OTP

You can’t make me choose between Magnus + Alexander &  Draco + Hermione because they have both led me to multiple sleepless nights spent reading fanfiction, hours scrolling through tumblr and many, many clutch-me-heart-and-scream moments. And so I refuse to choose a favourite (BECAUSE THEY ARE BOTH AMAZING).





13 thoughts on “The OTP Book Tag

  1. Sammie @ booksandbiros says:

    Yesssss to both Emma and Cristina and Will and Jem! You’re totally right, there aren’t nearly enough awesome female friendships in YA books and I think that Emma and Cristina’s friendship is a really great example of a healthy, fun, loyal gal pal relationship! Will and Jem just gets me right in the feels everytime! X


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