How to: Defeat The Reading Slump (aka The Bane of My Existence)

Imagine this: So it’s Monday morning and I find myself in the worst mood (for no other reason than because it is a Monday) and even worse, I am in a horrific reading slump.


even Mr Darcy can’t handle reading slumps

When you have been reading for quite a few years you start to learn things about yourself – your go-to genres (fantasy), the books that you refuse to read (new adult) and the major causations of a reading slump (BOOKS).

When I say books I don’t mean books in general because that would be stupid and would mean that I never read. No, I mean those random books that you start to read and for some reason or another get a few chapters into and cannot read anymore.

WHAT IS THIS INJUSTICE?! There is a whole load of books that have put me in reading slumps – Outlander, Falling Kingdoms, Jane Eyre – and it just gets to the point where I stop wanting to read anything and just want to binge watch Supernatural all day.

Now it’s happened again. And with one of my most anticipated TBR books – The Name of The Wind. Now don’t get me wrong, I want to read it (just like I want to read the three books mentioned above) but I am a big believer in fate and I think that there are most definitely right and wrong times to pick up a particular book and right now, I just want to enjoy Harry Potter in peace.

If you find yourself in the same situation as me and are in a reading slump, fear not everyone!  I have a few tips and tricks to get you back to tackling those TBR lists (trust me, I have had HEAPS of experience)



maybe not so dramatic though

They say the first step is acceptance and that is truly the case here. You can’t get through a book? PUT.IT.DOWN. There is no shame in putting aside a book and picking up another one that you think you may enjoy more in this very moment because your reading slump could really just be you being too stubborn to acknowledge that the book isn’t working for you (trust me, I do this all the time – and hey, that’s probably why I am slumping all the time as well)



Hermione gets me

So that massive reading slump I was talking about at the beginning of this blog post? Yeah it is still happening. So I decided to throw caution to the wind and start that Harry Potter reread I have been meaning to do for 5 years now. And guess what? It was the best decision I could have made. Returning to familiar characters, worlds and plot lines means you dont have to get into a committed relationship with a new book but instead have a little fun, party hard and revisit all your past loves.



we got this.

Buddy reading is the best thing ever – you basically have someone there to fangirl with you every step of the way. Grab a friend, grab some popcorn and grab a book that you are both super interested to read – sometimes all you need is a little motivation



See – Chandler has the right idea

Reading is supposed to be FUN (NOTE: not to be confused with “stressful”)

So you know what? Sometimes it is okay to not read any books (gasp, don’t hurt me pls). If you want to binge watch a TV show instead of reading, then you do you – the world will not end and your books will stay exactly where they are until you are ready.


Well hopefully these helped and next time you find yourself in a reading slump, you won’t automatically collapse into a sobbing mess. What are some of your tips for getting out of a slump?






7 thoughts on “How to: Defeat The Reading Slump (aka The Bane of My Existence)

  1. blackcatkai says:

    These tips are awesome!! Great post. I have to agree with riding it out & rereading a fave.

    I also like reading short comic books to help get me through slumps. I’m not always successful, but pictures really help my brain get into a more relaxed mood for non-picture reading later.


  2. rabidwhite says:

    😛 I end up binge watching tv shows all the time when I hit a reading slump. That and also switching up genres helps me dramatically. For example I’ve read quite a lot of fantasy (or close to fantasy) books so far this year, and I felt myself dragging a bit. Picked up a contemporary, BAM! dragging has stopped.


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