T10T: Books That Zombie-fied Me

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and The Bookish

I have had many a days where I went into work/school/uni looking fully like the walking dead. I’m talking under-eye bags that no concealer can cover and a sore lack of energy no amount of caffeine can fix (not for lack of trying though). The cause? Nights spent reading, of course!

Today’s Top 10 Tuesday is a Halloween Freebie so I decided to talk about the books that have turned me into a literal zombie – i.e. books that kept me up all night! I have a serious problem of binge reading books because IMPATIENCE so I have quite a few that make this list – especially those pesky books that are part of a series and end in cliff hangers *gasp* shock! horror! Since I need to know EVERYTHING right away, it is actually quite a wonder that I can actually make it through a book without looking up spoilers.

But anyway, onto the list!

Image result for a darker shade of magicA DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC

by V.E. Schwab

The reason that I almost fell asleep on my tour bus in Paris was because of this book. I decided to bring it along with me for some light holiday reading and I ended up flying through it in the span of a night. And then immediately moved onto A Gathering of Shadows. And proceeded to have my emotions torn to shreds. Who said holidays were fun right?

Image result for stray rachael craw book coverSTRAY

by Rachael Craw

Stray is the sequel to Spark and I actually picked it up quite a bit after I read the first book. I CANNOT BELIEVE I WAITING THAT LONG. This book was so action packed and thrilling that I literally could not put it down – I finished this one, picked up Shield (the last book in the trilogy) and lived in Spark – induced bliss for 2 straight days. It was amazing.

Image result for clockwork princessCLOCKWORK PRINCESS

by Cassandra Clare

Is it pathetic that I still remember running to the bookstore straight after school finished to buy this book even though it came out three and half years ago? Oh well, call me emotional. Clockwork Princess was such a highly anticipated read for me and obviously, I wasn’t going to wait any longer then necessary to devour it. I read it straight through (which took a good 7 hours or so since this book is MASSIVE) and loved every bit of it.

Image result for cinder marissa meyerCINDER

by Marissa Meyer

Cinder itself is quite a short book but it has been added to the list because once I finished Cinder, I read the remaining three books in the series in QUICK succession. Which obviously meant many sleepless nights because I NEEDED TO KNOW IF MY BABIES WERE SAFE OKAY?

Image result for the hero of ages book coverTHE HERO OF AGES

by Brandon Sanderson

This book KILLED ME DEAD. Or undead since I’m supposed to be a zombie. Moral of the story: me = dead. Anyway, the entire Mistborn trilogy is fantastic but this third book, it was ridiculous. I do not understand how Brandon Sanderson managed to do what he did with the universe and the story and the characters but it was so damn brilliant and I basically read this 600+ page book in one, glorious sitting.

A COURT OF MIST AND FURYImage result for a court of mist and fury

by Sarah J Maas

I fully went into this book expecting to hate it because I was one of the few people who actually wasn’t obsessed with A Court of Thorns and Roses. So when this book turned out to be amazing, I honestly could not bring myself to put it down. This book had so many things that I loved and so many things that were lacking in the first book and it just made for an overall perfect binge read.

Image result for crooked kingdomCROOKED KINGDOM

by Leigh Bardugo

Did you really think I was going to go a blog post without mentioning the Six of Crows Duology? Shame on you guys 😂 . OF COURSE THIS BOOK KEPT ME UP ALL NIGHT. IT IS THE EPITOME OF PERFECTION. So yeah, if you’re new here – I’m a bit obsessed with this book and this duology. This obsession sparked a very fast read of this book (also because there were spoilers popping up EVERYWHERE *Twitter, why you like this?* and I really wanted to get it read before someone ruined it for me) and I’m currently making my way through the reread at a much saner pace.

THE STAR-TOUCHED QUEENImage result for the star touched queen

by Roshani Chokshi

This book is so spectacularly beautiful and emotional that I just had to stay up to read it through. The language of this book flows so well, so it doesn’t actually seem like you’re taking a really long time to read it. Added to that, the actual story itself is something really special and probably one that should, in retrospect, by savoured – not read in an emotional haze in the early hours of the morning ;).

Image result for the winner's crimeTHE WINNER’S CRIME

by Marie Rutkoski

The second installment in The Winner’s Trilogy is probably my favourite out of the three (even though they were all spectacular) and I binge read it straight after the first one bECAUSE THAT ENDING. If any of you haven’t read this trilogy yet, I HIGHLY recommend! It has fantastic characters, plot and world building and you won’t be disappointed. But you probably will miss out of a few hours of sleep. Sacrifices must be made!

KING’S RISINGImage result for king's rising book cover 

by C.S.Pacat

I think I have talked about this trilogy enough for people to know that I adore it. I read all three books over a weekend and though I took a small break between the first and second books, there was no such rest when it came to Kings Rising. This book is a fantastic combination of political intrigue, romance and action and it had me flipping pages so fast I may have broken my wrist. Or maybe it just me projecting emotional pain, who knows?

That’s all for today friends! What were some books that turned you into a zombie?

Until next time,



12 thoughts on “T10T: Books That Zombie-fied Me

    • headinherbooks says:

      LITERALLY SAME! I’m about 180 pages in and I’m ADORING IT 😍 I think it’s the Sela theme? Are you on WordPress Premium or are you self- hosted? Because I envy the amount of themes self-hosted get to choose from *long suffering sigh*


  1. Kourtni @ Kourtni Reads says:

    I usually don’t really have a problem with wanting to binge read books but once I get to the last 100-150 pages or so, all bets are off haha I get so desperate to finish it that I’ll stay up no matter how long it takes me. I just did this a couple of nights ago to finish Heartless, actually 😛
    The only ones on your list that I’ve actually read are ADSOM and Clockwork Princess. Loved both of those books! Several of the others are on my TBR though so I’m glad to hear you thought they were addictive 🙂

    Here’s my TTT if you want to take a look: https://kourtnireads.wordpress.com/2016/10/25/top-ten-horror-books-i-want-to-read/


  2. thievingbooks says:

    I absolutely loved ADSOM (I just posted my review too), Cinder, Six of Crows and The Infernal Devices Trilogy!!! I’m patiently waiting for my copy of Crooked Kingdom to arrive and I really want to dive into ACOTAR since I’ve only heard ACOMAF has surpassed their expectations, which means it’s a good sign to read it next!


  3. aentee @ read at midnight says:

    This flawless list could only be compiled by one of fine tastes. I knew there was a reason we were friends ;)! I am still in utter desolation over the ending of Crooked Kingdom. Leigh Bardugo’s next series sounds so fascinating though, so I am OK with her moving on to other things. Fingers crossed we will see The Dregs again at some point.

    Liked by 1 person

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